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  Activities of Stichting "De Fret"
For more than ten years the ferret foundation Stichting "De Fret" has been giving and gathering information on the physical welfare and need for the ferret as pet companion. Information packages are sent out regularly to interested private owners, but also to agencies such as: animal shelters, animal ambulances, training colleges, veterinary clinics, pet shops, et cetera.
SDF also keeps in touch with sister organizations in foreign countries, producers and importers of ferret food, and other organizations concerned with animal protection and animal welfare (for example veterinarians), and the faculty of veterinary medicine at the university in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

SDF has had several publications such as The Ferret book, the small book "the ferret", and many specifically subject aimed information folders. We also have pedigree forms and registration books for ferrets.

SDF renders several services, such as supplying a list to interested party's for supply and demand of kits, we also have al list of people who will look after your ferret during the holidays and coordinate the re-homing of ferrets needing a new home and people looking for a new ferret.

Another task for Stichting "De Fret" is the arrangement, printing and sending of the newsletter that is published on a quarterly basis. In the last few years we have regularly organized "get together" ferret days and shows for the pleasure of our members. We have also put together a large assortment of club related articles.

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  The ferret as a pet   PCHell.com

'Lectori Salutem. With these pages I shall try to give some information about ferrets in common and about my experience with these unusual playful animals in particular. The experience of others have also been worked into these pages with their Drawings and Photo's, for witch I am very gratefully.'


Everyone has been to PC Hell at one time or another. It's that place you visit when your personal computer is driving you insane with problems, glitches, and so on. To try to soothe the frustration, we'll provide some tips, hints, and troubleshooting remedies to help you get out of PC Hell. Be warned however, sometimes there is no exit....

  Madferrets   ClearType on your TFT?

So, what exactly are the Mad Ferrets?
It is quite tricky to explain what, on Earth, the 'Mad Ferrets' are all about, but we'll have a go anyway.
(If you don't care what we are or why we've created this site then simply click on one of our many pages and see what's there.)


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  Ferrets are love   Color Wheel Pro
  Here you will find bedding and playthings that cater to the discriminating fuzzies and the humans they own. Every one of these hand-made products are made with care and love.
Good things is that a percentage of all proceeds goes to ferret shelters!

Color Wheel Pro - a unique software program that allows you to see color theory in action. With Color Wheel Pro, you can create harmonious color schemes and preview them on real-world examples.

  Ferretfanatic.com   Downloadfreetrial.com

Well, what can I say... just go on and visit this very enthusiastic website filled with fuzzie pictures and great stories. Watch out for the 'Ferrety message'! :)


This is the place for the real free downloads! You name it; Utilities, Desktop, Multimedia Tools, Games, Development, Business, Internet, MP3 & Audio, Web Authoring or Educational.... you will find it here!

  Everythingferret.com   AnswersThatWork.com

Ferret care information, chat, ferret supplies and much more! There is much to learn from this site!


You've come to the best place on the Internet – the ultimate online HelpDesk, the home of computer support:


  Furry Mania   Bink.nu

This website is basically dedicated to those silly creatures known as Germaine, Hector and Lolita, the pet ferrets.
They say it's nothing fancy, just a small collection of pictures and useful facts about ferret care and maintenance (the basics, nothing more) but we think otherwise!


This is the guy who brought Microsoft on their knees. Started as an informative site for all Windows platforms, specialized in XP and any other application from Mr. Gates, he finally got it his way; a collaboration with those Redmond programmers! A very good site. If your platform is Windows related you have to stop here!!

  Extremeweezils.com   TweakXP

Meet LUCY, the nine month old ferret who is staying with the Extreme Weezils while her mom visits family ... she will be with them for a month. Read about her adventures in WeezilLand!

  This site is absolutely great if you are having problems after installing Windows XP!
  Robertsferrets.com   DVDZine

This site is devoted to pet ferrets. On 10 August 2000, Buffy and Faith were adopted from the USPCA (Ulster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Rescue Centre in Ballymoney. Check out their story.

  DVDzine is a Dutch site for every DVD and hometheaterfan!
  F.I.R.S.T   Spunkytown

F.I.R.S.T. stands for 'Ferrets Information Rescue Shelter & Trust Society'.
It is a Canadian site, based in Vancouver and you can find lots of information about ferrets.

  Wanna see good Flash toons? Then follow this link! Spunkytown offers a great deal of animated and entertaining Flash movies. Go and enjoy yourself!
  The Ferret Guy   Alltheweb
  This is a neat looking site. It has Photo Albums, Downloads and topics to discuss about. Go and have a look!   All the WEB says; Find it all! Well, try it for yourself and see if your page pops up! Ours didn't :) You can search on Web, News, Pictures, Video, Audio and FTP files.
At the moment of this update they had a search of 2,142,833,819 web pages!
  Ferret FAQ   DeskMod.com
  We get a lot of questions from visitors who are looking for general information about ferrets.
Since our site does not have such information yet, please go and visit this site for all of your ferrets questions! Perhaps we are setting up a page like this as well!
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  Ferret Net   Neopets.com
  This site has so much information. Take the time to read it all and learn all about ferrets!   Always wanted your own pet but never allowed to? Here is your chance! Click your way to Neopets and create your own virtual pet! Oh. and there's a lot more to enjoy!!
  MiamiFerret.org   Wincustomize.com
  Here is a site with lots of information about ferrets. For anyone starting with those fuzzies, this is a necessary site! With lots of great drawings too!   Tired of the old Windows look? Check out this place to turn your workstation into a wonderful showcase of fine art!
  Ferret Screensaver   Littlechicken.nl
  At play, at rest, at home....! No stupid pet tricks, no funky clothes...just ferrets in their natural habitat enjoying each other and life. Great images of some of the cutest ferrets around, doing the most adorable things. Your ferrets screensaver comes complete with music, transitional effects and each image can be used as desktop wallpaper that you can change every hour, every day or every week!   How about playing a game? This site has so many! You can download games or play games online! Have fun!!
        Always looking for that first beta release of your favorite program? Try this site. If there's a beta, bet they have it for you to download and try!
      Strat Central
        Arguably the Fender Stratocaster was, is, and will be the most beautiful guitar ever built. This site is an homage to the most beautiful of guitars. It includes pictures of rare, vintage or just particularly striking Fender Stratocasters, as well as other interesting Fender-made stringed instruments. It also includes a bibliography and links to good Fender-related sites. Have fun experiencing Strat Central!
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      Fresh Devices
        Already working with Windows XP? At this site you can download some very good tools for this OS. Tweaking, diagnosing or speed up your downloads. Get the tools here!
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      Deep Purple
        Time to rock'n'roll with the site of the best band ever; Deep Purple's Highway Star. Who doesn't know 'Smoke on the water'....
        This the place for your freeware stuff. Tons'o'tools divided into several categories for an easy search. You will find that one freeware tool you were looking for.