Here is how it all began...    

  About sixteen years ago, driving home late at night on a deserted road just a couple of yards from our house, we almost ran over a strange animal. We didn't know what is was so I got out of the car to investigate. This animal, this furball was very interested in me and did not run away so we thought it had to be sick. A passing neighbor, who was taking his dog for a walk, thought it might be a weasel or something like that. "Watch out" he screamed, "Those things jump at your throat and are very dangerous! They'll rip your throat right out!" Great, why must we find a sick throat-jumping weasel... Anyway, they had to do something. Meanwhile, the curious furball began to climb his way up to my pants. "He, leave me alone!" I screamed, thinking my end was near and that I would be found in a pool of blood with my throat ripped out!

After a while, we managed to get the beast into a box and we drove home quickly. We called the Pet-ambulance to take this life-threatening thing out of our house. In the bright light of our kitchen we were able to take a good look at the 'beast' properly. It had a clean coat, no dirt or anything else and little eyes looked sharp and curiously into the kitchen. Finally the Pet-ambulance arrived. "Aaah, a little ferret" said the girl from the Pet-ambulance and she took the furball out of the box. She hugged him and it looked as if he liked that. "You can give him some dry cat-food" she said. Luckily we already had two cats... The ferret ate some food and began to investigate what would become his new home. "We can't take him with us because he is not sick or injured" said the girl. Oops, what to do now? A ferret in the house... the house is not ferret-proof! PANIC!!!! The end of the story is that we never got rid of the little guy and a couple of days later we knew that we were totally in love with the little furball we named Hummel.

Here are some more pictures of Hummel.



Bobo   Top
  After a couple of months we decided that Hummel needed a friend. Well, we got him one. Bobo was his name. A large, fat stinking ferret we got from somebody else. He was very dirty and the first thing they did was to put him in bath. Underneath all of that dirt emerged a very beautiful ferret! Bobo became a cute ferret, always strolling and shuffling through the house and was always near Hummel. They became best friends. Bobo is in Ferret-heaven right now. Take a look at him.    
Mowgli and Balu   Top

After Hummel and Bobo died we decided that we couldn't live without ferrets. Our house was silent and there was no more fun in coming home with bags of groceries! We contacted the Dutch Ferret Foundation and we got our name on a 'waiting-list'. On this list were ferrets, ready to be placed in a new family with new friends. Finally, one day we got a phonecall... only there were two instead of one ferret ready to be placed!! We rushed to the shelter and I think you can guess what the rest of the story is...

We named the guys Balu and Mowgli, one being a sweet big bear and the other a smart nosy rascal. Take a look at some pictures...

Chewy   Top

The story of Chewy is simple. Almost all the ferrets on this homepage come from the same shelter, except for Buffy and Sisko. When we got Balu and Mowgli from that shelter we also noticed a very beautiful ferret who was almost selling his self. He laid there in his hammock and tried about everything to get our attention. We immediately fell in love but we came for two ferrets and not for three! Well, the rest is history; just a week after Balu and Mowgli arrived here, Chewy followed.

Chewy became a very sweet ferret but he was almost always on his own, shuffling trough the house searching for leftbehind raisins or pieces of tomato. He also was the only one who loved laying on my wife's lap and being hugged and caressed. He was also very popular in their cage; all the other ferrets loved to sleep with, over, under or near him. Probably because his big belly gave them the warmth they liked so much.
Unfortunately, Chewy is no longer with us. You can read all about it in the News-section. Here are some pictures of Chewy.

Kira   Top
  Here is Kira. It took some time to show you her pictures because the little thing wouldn't sit stil. You know how it works, nine out of ten photos are moved, blurry and ready for the wastebin. I spent a fortune on films for my camera. The pictures are quite the same because we had to grab her in the neck to sit still! Here are some results that were suitable enough for this homepage.    
Belle   Top
  And here are some pictures of Belle. She was a very little smooth and slippery albino ferret. We took her in so Kira had a new playmate. At that time Kira ignored her completely, how hard Belle was trying to get her to play. Later, they became inseparable! It is too bad that they are no longer with us.    
Marinka   Top
  This is Marinka. She was the most affectionate and sweetest ferret we had. Unfortunately, she had everything against her concerning her health. One day, in the morning, we found her in shockcondition. Because we would not let her suffer any longer, the vet put her to sleep and gave her the peace she deserved. She brought joy and happiness to our house for little over a year.    
Buffy   Top

One day we were visiting a gardenshop. In that shop was a separate department where they sold food for animals. They also sold animals, mostly rabbits, birds and fish but that one day.... they had a little cage with a very stressed sandy-colour ferret in it!
The cage stood directly above another cage with some rabbits in it. Not quite as it is supposed to be. The ferret was very nervous and when we asked the shopassistant to take him out she refused to do so because the ferret was very aggressive and would bite. My wife ignored the story of the shopassistant and opened the cage... the ferret immediately bit her but she wouldn't let him go. We took a closer look and it turned out to be a female, a big female!
We asked the assistant what they would do if they wouldn't sell her. She told us that the ferret would be brought back to the breeder to keep her himself. We could only speculate what he would do to her!

Now we were in a very difficult situation; it was (and is) against our opinion to buy animals from a shop. The reason is simple; as long as shops sell animals, breeders will provide them with animals. We all know that this is not always the best for animals. That goes for the breeding as well as the selling part of it all. Besides that, animals are often bought in an impulse. "Oh, look at that adorable puppy" or "What cute kittens, look!" How many animals ended up after the first excitement is gone on the street, how many animals are being dumped in asylums because "they were not so cute after all"...
We refused to take part in this "animal-business" but to let her stay behind at that horrible store with no one to look after her.... We decided that in this case our principles had to be set aside for the well-being of this ferret.
We made that clear to the assistant and "bought" her, although for less then asked for....

When we got home, the ferret was still very stressed and it took about a day or two for her to get some rest. We named her Buffy and you know what? Buffy is the most adorable and cutest ferret we ever had!! Just look at her.....

Luna   Top
  And here is Luna. Tough to get her before my photolens! She always turns her little head away from the camera but I promise, one day there will be some beautiful pictures of her on the site.
As you can see, she is very nosy and she loves her red basket. When she's in nobody else can! She defends her basket with every trick from the book!
Sisko   Top

One day I read in the local newspaper that a ferret was found and was placed in a bird-shelter. We called the shelter to ask about the ferret and if they were capable in housing a ferret. As you know ferrets need some special points to care of considering their housing. They replied that he was OK and they agreed that we could come over to visit him.
When we arrived he turned out to be a giant guy in a steel cage with only some straw and some old newspapers! Apparently the people at the shelter tried to do their best but when it came to ferrets they had little knowledge. We told them how to change things and they let us clean his cage. We had brought some old hammocks and cushions from home and he really loved it! We learned that he was found, wandering around in someone's garden and it was unknown how long he spent time outside. We played with him for a while and then, sadly, we had to go home and leave him...

The next day we contacted the shelter again and proposed to them that we would take care of him until the rightful owner would turn up. Unfortunately they could not agree with that, the Dutch law forbids that found healthy animals are given away to others, even to take care of them. But they let us know that if the owner would not show up, we could have him.
Well, he didn't so after his castration we could pick him up!

Here are some pictures of Sisko.

Their home...   Top
  What about their home! It's made of wood, it contains a separate place to sleep, a tunnel to play games and a litterbox. The ferrets sleep in sleeping bags or the hammock and absolutely not on dusty beds like sawdust or straw. Every couple of days they get sleeping bags and a clean hammock. The litterbox is cleaned every day. Momentarely, this cage is the home for our Cat right now. Cat is not a cat but our latest newcomer of ferrets. She has plenty of room and the reason why is is alone in this cage is because she doesn't like other ferrets. Our two other ferrets, Kai and Bo have their own cage in a different part of our home.    
Some other nice pictures...   Top
  Here some other nice shots from them. Actually only featuring the three guys Balu, Mowgli and Chewy. Because they are more easy to photograph, and it seemed that they were showing off in front of the camera! Notice the curiosity of Mowgli!