paw June 9, 2007  

Hi ferretfriends, we have some new pictures for you. These were taken during a outside walk of Kai and Bo. It was a very windy day that afternoon but they seem to enjoy it very much.
Because we were a little afraid of something going wrong if we would take them out at the same time, we decided to take Kai first and secondly our Bo.

Let's start with Kai. See how he is loving the wind and how he snaps his ears to avoid the rumble of it. And than his nose up!

  After this it was time to scruffle through the high grass. Somehow he wasn't afraid and he seemed to enjoy it very much.  
  After this, it was Bo's turn to meet the outside world. She also had this magnificent ability to snap her ears and close them for the wind. Look at her beautiful portrait!  
  And here's Bo down to the ground to have a meet'n'greed with the gras.  
  They really loved it and this simple walk made us decide to make them a real 'ferret garden'. In a week from now our holiday begins and our plan is to realize a large space with enough things to discover such as big flowerboxes filled with plants to dig out or a sandbox to dig in and a little undeep fountain with flowing water in it.
Of course we will make pictures of this whole project so we can show them to you on our site. So stay tuned!
paw May 17, 2007  

Hello ferretlovers, it has been a while since the last update. The only apology I have for that is that we have been working very hard on our ship where we live on. We grab every sunny and dry weekend with both hands to remove rust and paint the cleaned parts of the ship. In a few weeks we take our vacation for four weeks and our plan is to get started in the inner bow of the ship and we are going to realize some sort of kitchen and laundry room. That will give us new space to get space for our new bathroom. So, there are plenty things to do and that's the reason for the delayed updates...

Our fuzzies are ok. Cat is getting a bit to fat ;o) but she is so darn adorable! Kai and Bo are ok also. Kai is loosing his winter coat but that's quit normal this time of year. I bought myself a new digital camera and last weekend I took some shots of them while they were playing with a floating balloon with a string attached....

Bo is trying to grab the string so she can pull down the balloon....
Kai is ready to launch himself :o)
March 19, 2007  
  Hi ferretfriends, time for an even shorter update. I have just added the two latest paintings in the 'season' serie. The first one is of Luna as the 'autumn' ferret and the second one is our Sisko as the 'spring' ferret. Enjoy!!  
February 28, 2007  

Hello dear friends, time for a short update.

I have been working lately on a new design and I must say I like it a lot! Hopefully you'll agree with me but I guess you still have to wait some time because it is not finished yet.
We are going to drop some items such as the 'Links', 'History' and 'About Us' section. This all shall be merged in the new design. Also the poll shall be dropped because it was hardly voted on lately. The counter will be gone as well since this is a bit outdated these days.

So, I hear you thinking.... What's left of the Web Ferrets? Well, I'm going to use the new design for a more 'blogging' tool. Instead of the current 'Hot News' I can post all the news on the front-page. Oh, before I forget, I kept a Guestbook so use can scribble your opinion on the new design in there!

Well, that's it for now and stay tuned for the new Web Ferrets!

January 28, 2007  

Hi ferretfriends! This is our first newspost in 2007. A bit late but on the other hand we have some good news for you.

Let me tell you about one of the best kept secrets on the Internet and especially on the forum of the Dutch Ferret Foundation. As you might know we have some very good friends over there and one of them, Kitty, had a real tough year concerning her two lovely ferrets, Mickey and Taffie. In short, they both suddenly died and the very sad thing is that in both cases Kitty couldn't be with them. Mickey died while Kitty was volunteering at summercamp of her gymnastic club. Only a few weeks later Taffie died at the vet and because of a messy organisation at the vet she was notified much to late to be with Taffie.... All in all a very sad story and poor Kitty felt guilty about the fact that she wasn't around when they both needed her. Of course, there was nothing that could change history and it took her a very long time to get in peace with it.

Much earlier I worked on a picture of Mickey and Taffie that was taken by Kitty while they were taking a walk. There was this one picture with a wonderfull pose of Mickey and Taffie. There was only one thing. I felt that the legs of Danielle, her best friend, were a bit 'not part of the picture' so I started to do some magic. This is the original picture:

  After a night work in Photoshop I ended up with this result:  

When we saw how devastated Kitty was after the sudden loss of Mickey and Taffie Marjanne decided to make her a painting of this picture. Of course, this had to be kept a secret and we felt it would make a perfect gift for her 21st birthday.
In this period, she and the other friends visited us and every time we had to hide the painting that Marjanne was working on. When it was almost finished we sent the other friends a picture of it and asked them what they wanted to be changed so everybody knew except but Kitty :o)

On January 20th, she was celebrating her birthday and we wrapped up the painting and drove over to her home. She unwrapped it and well..... I thought I saw some blinking tears in her eyes.... She obviously was very happy and thrilled with this gift.

Do you want to know what this painting is looking like? Click here!

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