As you might have read elsewhere on this site, Marjanne is making paintings of our ferrets. We used to show pictures of the final paintings in the Hot News section but we felt that this wasn't the right place. So we decided to give the paintings their own section on the site.
So here it is, the Paintings! Enjoy!
March 18, 2007  
  Hi dear ferretlovers, following the painting of Luna here is number two of the serie, Sisko! Sisko is the 'spring' painting.
Please note that Sisko had one eye that was underdeveloped so this is no mistake but this is just how he really was. Once again, enjoy!
February 10, 2007  
  Hello ferretfriends, once again we are proud to show you the latest painting of Marjanne. This painting is one of a 4-piece and it is all about the four seasons of the year. She started with Luna as a 'autumn' ferret and also this time she was able to show you Luna exactly how we remember her. As a finishing touch, Marjanne printed the actual paw of Luna on the canvas. Enjoy!  
January 28, 2007  
  Hi you fuzzyfriends! It is time to unveil a new painting of Marjanne. This painting was made for Kitty, a dear friend of us. To read the reason for this painting, please click here. We very much hope that she gives it a nice place in her room and hopefully this will keep her remembrance of those two wonderfull fuzzies alive.  
September 18, 2006  

Hello dear fuzzylovers! Welcome again at the Paintings. And yes, there is another painting that is finished today. This one is going to be donated at The Dutch Ferret Foundation to auction it at the upcoming second international Ferret Symposium here in the Netherland. You can read all about it on the English version of their website.

Hopefully, this painting will raise a lot of money so the foundation can continue their good work. The original photograph was shot by Birgit van der Laan and this is one of her own ferrets named Artax. Hopefully, she will like it ;-)

May, 2006  
  Hi ferretfriends! Marjanne has been working on a painting lately. She just keeps on going! It is a painting based on a photograph made by a good friend of ours, Birgit. She is keeping her ferrets outside and because of this she is able to make wonderful pictures of her ferrets while they are at play in a natural environment. A while ago, Birgit showed Marjanne some pictures and she fell in love with this very beautiful picture of Troy coming behind from a log. This is such an extraordinary capture of a young ferret exploring his territory and Marjanne couldn't wait to reproduce this on canvas.
Well, today she finished it and again I'm proud on her on the fact that we can share this with you. I present to you; Troy!
April, 2006  

We are proud to present to you the latest painting of Marjanne! Our frequent visitors probably know that we are very involved with The Dutch Ferret Foundation's forum. This forum has an annual photo contest and the winner of the 2005 contest is a picture made Ray and Inge. The prize they won is a painting of this picture, made by Marjanne.
The picture is shot on the last national Dutch Ferret Foundation's 'Ferret day'. It was kind of a lucky shot, it rarely happens that you will see two ferrets like this. They fell asleep, all tangled up and on top of that, they nearly tumbled out their hammock!

Well, we won't let you keep waiting longer, so here it is!

February, 2006  

In May last year we received a e-mail from Michelle who had seen Marjanne's painting on our site. She wrote us how she moved from London to the US with her two fuzzy's Phoebe and Bandit. Unfortunately, Bandit was ill and this is what she wrote:

"Sadly Bandit was diagnosed with an enlarged heart towards the end of 2004 and passed away 3 weeks ago. I miss him terribly. He was my first ferret and had such an amazing personality, he has left a huge hole in my heart. When I saw Marjanne's paintings on your website, I thought they were simply wonderful. I have never seen an artist capture a ferret so well on canvas. I was wondering if she might possibly consider doing a painting of my beloved Bandit (see attached photo). I would dearly love to have such an excellent tribute to him hanging in my home. He has stolen my heart forever!"

She had a picture of Bandit attached with the e-mail and in short, Marjanne decided to make a one time exception and make a painting of Bandit. We kept close contact with Michelle through e-mail and after Marjanne had finished the painting she was working on in that period she began with Bandit. This took place in early August last year.
As you possibly might have read somewhere else on our site, we already had plans for moving back to Amsterdam and this was the sad reason for a lengthy delay. Luckily Michelle had complete understanding of our situation. A couple of weeks ago, Marjanne did find the time to finish the painting. Last week we did sent a picture of the finished painting to Michelle in Stillwater, Oklahoma to see if she was happy with the result. I think her reaction speaks for itself:

I think that should tell you how much I adore the finished painting. B.J. is just as impressed as I am. We cannot say there is anything we would like to see changed. I look forward to seeing the real thing in a few weeks time. Everyone I have shown the finished picture to is astounded at how lifelike Bandit looks. They think it's a photograph, not a painting!!"

Marjanne is very happy that they like it so much. The painting is varnished and has to dry well before we can package it and send it off to the US. Ok, I won't let you wait much longer, here is a picture of the painting of Bandit!

September, 2005  
  Marjanne has just finished a new painting. Once again this is a painting starring two ferrets that are not of our own but were photographed by someone else. The ferrets are Jules and Masret from the proud owner Sanny. It took Marjanne quite some time to finish this painting since we are in the midst of selling our house and some serious illness in the last couple of weeks. But, despite all of this, she undersigned the painting with her name yesterday, declaring it official as finished :) This painting and the one of Mouse (see below) will be displayed in Marjanne's office at her work. Here is a picture of the painting!  
May, 2005  

A while ago, Marjanne approached some people on the Dutch Ferret Forum asking them if she could use their pictures to transform into paintings. Some of those pictures she had found on personal homepages of ferretlovers and some pictures were already posted on the forum.
One of those picture was of a ferret named Mouse. Marjanne immediately fell in love with the looks of this cute ferret and the owner also liked the idea of making a painting of it by Marjanne.
Finally, she has finished this painting today and she is proud to show it to you all.

April, 2005  

The origin of this new painting has a terrible story. From the beginning....

Marjanne is a very active member on the ferret forum of the Dutch Ferret Foundation. As you might know you get to know, love (and sometimes hate) different people on the forum but the one bonding thing is that you all love and take good care of those little fuzzies, the ferrets.
One day a known, notorious but loved member of the forum, mentioned on the forum that his Pilo died in a mysterious way. He didn't want to go into details but the way it happened was really horrible.

He adored his albino ferret and he was really devastated about the fact that she was no longer with him. Especially the fact that he couldn't do anything about it was heartbreaking.

Marjanne read his story on the forum and she was, together with lots of other loving members, feeling very sad for him. She felt that she had to do something. So after a while she came up with an idea....

After lots of emailing with his friends, family and secret MSN meetings, she got a photograph of little Pilo, one that was perfect to turn it into a real painting. She had to work real hard because the idea was to give him the painting on the annual Ferret Fair of the Ferret Foundation and that day was last Sunday.

So there we were, on Ferret Fair 2005, with lots of fuzzies, fuzzie stuff, fuzzie playground, ferret races and the official board of ferret veterinarians, picking the ferret of the year in different classes. He was there also, a long tall guy, standing in the midst of the ferret playground, keeping an eye on all of them.

To get things not to emotional I will keep this brief. Marjanne gave him this painting of his so missed Pilo and I guess you can guess the rest... Here she is, little Pilo

February, 2005  
  It was always a wish of Marjanne to make a, somewhat different painting of Belle. Well, after a couple of months this is what she came up with. It is depicting a dreamy Belle surrounded by a faint rose. Just see for yourself and enjoy ;-)  
January, 2005  
  For her brother's birthday, Marjanne made this wonderful painting of Niña, their labrador.  
November, 2004  
  In the past year, Marjanne made more little paintings of our other fuzzies Buffy, Belle and Kira. They are similar to the painting of Skunky and we are glad to show them here as well.  
July, 2004  

Last summer we got our first puppy ferrets and in the weeks preceding the arrival of those little fuzzies we got lots of pictures from Skunky, the ferret mother. Those pictures were sent to us by Rebekka and almost daily we found new emails with new pictures. Amongst one of them was a beautiful picture of Skunky and Marjanne thought it would be a nice idea to paint Skunky so we could thank Rebekka.
On the day we picked up Bo and Kai we gave Rebekka the painting and as we thought she was very delighted and kept thanking us. Of course, we thanked her for taking care al those weeks for our little babies.

Here is a picture of the finished painting of Skunky. The size of this one is 24 by 30 centimeters.

May, 2004 Top
  We liked the painting of Belle so much that Marjanne decided to make another one of Kira. Kira had already passed away in July 2003 but Marjanne felt that she also had to be honored with a painting. This time it took her much longer but finally, in May this year she finished Kira's painting. The size of this one is the same as the one from Belle.
In the near future a third painting will be made and this one will be dedicated to Buffy.
October, 2003 Top

After our little Belle died, Marjanne felt the need to make a painting of her. It took her some weeks and this is the result. It is a homage to our Belle who is still missed by us.
We hope you like the picture! The size of the painting is 50 by 70 centimeters.

April, 2003 Top
  This painting shows our ferrets that went over the Rainbow Bridge. The size is 80 by 100 centimeters and pictured are (from left to right): Mowgli and Hummel at the top, Marinka and Chewy in the middle and Bobo and Balu at the bottom.